The ETC is a 2.5-day course focusing on both multidisciplinary clinical and non-clinical skills, in the care and treatment of major trauma patients. Centred around the initial reception of patients, the ETC provides predominantly scenario-based training relevant to initial Resus room care, and embraces the Team Approach.

Who is the course for?

ETC is an advanced course for senior and experienced clinical staff. It is truly multidisciplinary, and welcomes anyone who may find themselves receiving trauma patients. If you are not sure it is the right course for you please contact your provider centre to discuss your experience and expectations.

ETC Faculty

Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature and team ethos of the course, faculty come from a variety of specialities and discipline. Whatever your role in the trauma team, you will more than likely find your speciality reflected in the faculty.

In addition to the various specialities, most courses include faculty from across the UK and Europe, enabling opportunity to share experiences and develop networks.