ETC UK was founded in 2015 to bring together the increasing number of course providers within the UK. Through a small team of dedicated volunteers, we oversee the quality assurance of the course within the UK and the development of new centers, whilst providing support to existing providers and faculty. In addition to supporting National providers, ETC UK works closely with the European Trauma Course Organisation (ETCO) to ensure the UK is represented internationally, and to provide a link to developments from our international colleagues.

ETC within the UK is predominantly provided by Major Trauma Centers. This ensures faculty are regularly engaged in major trauma care and can share their expertise and knowledge with all candidates.

Alistair Mountain – ETC UK National Programme Lead

The current National Clinical Director is Alistair (Al) Mountain. He was one of the founders of ETC UK in 2015 and has been the National Clinical Director since this time.

Al has an active interest in major trauma management and has worked as a consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon at QEH UHB (2010-2015) and currently works at Royal Stoke University Hospital (North Midlands MTC).

Al has extensive experience in teamwork in austere environments and has sought to bring the team ethos to trauma management within the NHS.

Al has served on the international Course Management Committee of the ETCO and is the current CMC International Chairperson.


Tracey Clatsworthy – ETC UK National Coordinator.

Tracey is one of the founder members of ETC UK, and has held the role of National Course Coordinator since 2015.

Tracey is a registered nurse with extensive acute clinical experience. In recent years Tracey has dedicated her career to resuscitation training, and has extensive knowledge of all things resus training!






Jean joined ETC UK in 2017. Jean has also dedicated her life to healthcare with 17 years working as an HCA in GP Surgery. When Tracey asked Jean to join the team she observed an ETC in Southampton and describes being ‘blown away’ by the experience. Jean is extremely knowledgeable about ETC UK and is regularly involved in setting up new centres.